About Leslie Ann

Leslie Ann is a Grand Prix trainer and international competitor based out of her family’s farm where she grew up in Durham, NH. She has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals and competed on the Small Tour at Devon and USDF Nationals.

She trains horses to the highest levels of the sport as well as riders of all ages, helping them achieve their goals, whether it be competitive or non competitive.

From a young age Leslie Ann has had the discipline and focus to excel at what has now become her greatest passion, and you will see that she carries that over to her clients. She puts her heart and soul to be there for each of her clients on their big days and cares greatly that they each make progress towards their own goals and aspirations.

At the end of the day, the well being and care of her clients and horses is a top priority.

Leslie Ann is an accomplished rider and trainer of horses through the highest level of dressage. She works with a number of professionals for her own continuing development, including Jeremy Steinberg and Scott Hassler.

Leslie Ann also incorporates the Spanish Vaquero methods of Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt and Kip Fladland, using techniques that build respect and trust as well as a soft feel.

She has a B.S. degree in Equine Management from The University of New Hampshire.